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Art & Design

Art & Design

"Design and Kunst" means Design and Art in Danish.

Streetart Copenhagen 2015/2016

This website show art from Denmark.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to make an artexhibition in Germany, Sweden, Norway or England, New york e.g.

Paintings and Aqurarelles on this website has compositions from a strange universes and are made of colours of the rainbow, and the  ompositions themselves can be constructed in many ways which provides the art work with new art perspectives, and the possibility of objects being different arises in the art pieces. That is why the art pieces are unique.

Art and paintings 
The art has been showed in ornaments for firms, churches, and private collectors and the goal about this website is to give positive inspiration to people through art and paintings aquarelles and streetart and to exhibit around the world.

Most tekst is in Danish, but feel free to ask about it if you have questions.

​Kind Regards



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Maleri landskabsmaler solgt
Landskabsmaleri af Mette Hansgaard 80 x1 00 cm ..
Børnebog Gopelina og Blob  om blive drillet og finde nye chancer 80 kr
Børnebog om mobning og om at blive hold udenfor. Kunstneren Mette Hansgaard har skrevet en Børn..
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